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1) Type: threadolet, thread-outlet
2) Size: 1/8″-4″
3) Varieties: STD, XS, SCH160
4) Material: CS, SS, us

1) Type: threadolet, thread-outlet, threadolet, a105 carbon steel threadolet threadolet, mild steel, alloy steel threadolet, stainless steel, forged steel threadolet threadolet ... ....

2) Size: NPS 1/8″-4″

3) Varieties: STD, XS, SCH160. ...

4) Material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel

> 5) Standard: MSS SP97 ... ...

6) Surface treatment: Shot blasted, black painting, rust-proof oil, transparent oil, galvanizing, hot galvanizing ...

7) Usage: Power/Petroleum/Chemical use/Construction use/Gas/Metallury/Shipbuilding

Dimensions ® Weldolet Size on Size-STD-MSS SP97

Dimensions NPS 1/2 to 24

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