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PT Pip Valcon

Class 125-Class 250-Pn 16-Pn25-Jis 16 K Globe Type Silent Check Valve Fing. 5104 Gsfcv
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IDR 1.00

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Fing. GSFCV Working Pressure Temperature 5104 Rantings presure 16bar/25bar Presure Testing Shell: 24bar/37.5 bar Seal: 17.6 bar/27.5 bar Working temperature-20 0 c to 110 0 c EPDM-NBR 100C to 80 0 c Suitable Medium Water, Oil Gas Material Specification & Part Material ASTM spec Cast Iron A126 Class B Body A536 Ductile Iron 65-45-12 304 Stainless Steel A351 CFB Disc Bronze B62 C83600 304 Stainless Steel A351 CFB Seat Bronze B62 C83600 Seat ring EPDM/NBR Commercial bronze Bushings B62 C83600 S

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